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What would you like to know? The Product How do I order activator D? Can activator D be added when other chemicals are in the pool? Will it work in a Jacuzzi? Does activator D kill bacteria? What's the deal with pH?? How many do i need? How do i use it?
How do i use it?

I've bought some activator D... how do I use it?

Water pH should be between 6.8 and 7.2

  1. Backwash
  2. With the motor running and valve set in filter position, empty both containers of activator D into the weir. (DO NOT pour directly into the pool)
  3. A really neglected pool (so green the water seems thick) will need a double-dose to start off, but this will effectively kill the algae and clear the water in a few days.
  4. Black algae will disappear after a few weeks, and should be brushed regularly to break up its hard surface to allow the activator D to penetrate to the roots.
  5. Backwash once a week and keep the pool brushed and baskets clear. Keep alkalinity levels normal.
  6. We recommend that for extra protection against bacteria, especially with extensive pool use and in "high traffic" pools such as hotels, schools and public swimming baths, a little chlorine should be added to the weir.
  7. Starting 3 days after adding activator D, once weekly add one cup of chlorine per 3-bag filter into the weir with pump running on "filter". DO NOT sprinkle chlorine directly into pool water - it works through the filters and will not register in pool water.