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Home The Product How do i use it? FAQ About US Contact Us
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What would you like to know? The Product How do I order activator D? Can activator D be added when other chemicals are in the pool? Will it work in a Jacuzzi? Does activator D kill bacteria? What's the deal with pH?? How many do i need? How do i use it?
Activator D FAQ

Activator D The easier, safer, more economical and effective way to treat and maintain the sparkle in your pool!

The product comes in two bottles - a powder and a liquid - totalling 850 grams. This is enough for a 50,000 litre pool for one month. It is safe, environmentally friendly, economical and very effective.

A neglected pool will need a double-dose to start off, but this will effectively kill the algae and clear the water in a few days. Black algae will disappear over a few weeks, and should be brushed off the walls. (Chlorine does not kill algae, only bleaches it; this is why during a storm the chlorine is drawn from the water and the algae is once again visible, turning the water green.)

activator D does not hurt eyes or skin, and swimming costumes last longer. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive and chlorine-free, and pool run-off water should not damage plants.

Manufactured by Magill Products